The Audible User Experience

I love the Audible app’s user experience.  My love of reading books became a love of listening to audio books because of this app.  New books are easy to find and finish now.  I am six books ahead in my Goodreads Reading Challenge because of it!

Why audio books?

My easily strained eyes battles with my love of reading as I grow older.  Amazon’s Kindle saved my favorite hobby when the printed words on my paperbacks became too small for me to read.  The option to make the letters larger in e-books helped me continue reading.

Demands of everyday life like exercise, chores, and work got in the way of reading.  Reading on an elliptical was awkward at best.  Reading while doing the dishes or folding laundry is practically impossible!

I was always listening to music though.  Listening was easier than reading for multi-tasking.  In January of this year, I decided to try listening to an audio book.  It was Dan Brown’s Origin and it was amazing!

Why Audible?

Audio books are more expensive than e-books, but Audible has a great subscription rate.  One credit costs as much as an e-book.  This credit entitles you to one audio book.  It doesn’t matter how expensive the audio book is.  It costs one credit.

They have great promotions.  I have taken advantage of two-for-one deals, and sale pricing all year!

And their customer service is awesome!  Voracious appetites for reading are accommodated by offers to buy extra credits.  Returns and exchanges are straightforward.  If you don’t like a book then you can exchange it for one you do enjoy.

The User Experience

Listening across all devices is one of my favorite features of the app.  I listen to it on my smart phone at work.  My Echo Dot streams my audio book to my speakers while I’m doing the dishes or folding laundry.  Fire TV cube can stream it through my TV speakers.

And it keeps my place in the audio book.  Transferring from smart phone to the Echo or to the Fire TV is seamless.

Listening is as easy as two taps on the smart phone app while the command, “Alexa, read my audible book.” launches the app on the Echo and on the Fire TV cube.

The content always sounds great.  A great book is always a joy to read.  Narrators bring more to the content though, giving life to the written word.

If you haven’t tried it out, I recommend you do.  Nothing beats a good book in enriching your life and making you a better person.  Audible keeps you from using aging eyes and too much work as excuses.