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  • Talk to My TV

    I wanted to talk to my TV from the moment I set up my first Echo Dot.  Can you blame me?  The number of remotes I need drive me crazy – I have a remote for the TV, one for the speakers, one for my streaming box, and another for my blu-ray player.  I would […]

  • User Experience
  • Integrating the App: Running A Race

    Sometimes integrating a new third-party app feels like running a race.  Motivational (?) comments like “our whole company is waiting for this” does not relieve the pressure of getting it done right.  It was a two-week marathon that ended in a two-hour sprint.  I felt stressed and tired, but also quite accomplished.   Our Goal […]

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  • Hacking My Smart Assistant is Not OK

    Pet Peeve: Unintentional Triggering One of my pet peeves about Alexa is how it tends to pick up wake words from the TV shows I’m watching.  When it surprises us and suddenly says, “I’m sorry I didn’t understand the question I heard.”  This is probably a bug, Alexa misheard her wake word from the show.   […]

  • User Experience
  • Usability Study: Coursera

    I trained in Usability Testing yesterday as part of a UX Conference being conducted by Nielsen Norman Group. We formed groups of 3-4 attendees and conducted our own usability study. We only had time for 3 tasks and a single participant. I was surprised at how much I learned from a single session. The Client […]

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  • Control Issues

    Ask any of my friends, especially those who knew me when I was very young, and they will confirm that I have control issues.  It is why I directed most of the plays I wrote while in school, why I prefer debates to math competitions, and why I enjoy event planning so much.  I like […]

  • Big Data
  • Predictive Analytics and Fit Finder

    I stumbled upon another interesting application of predictive analytics, The North Face’s Fit Finder.  On their product detail pages, click on the Fit Finder link and it will open a modal with a series of forms.   Height + Weight = Waistline They ask for your height, weight and your preferred fit (tight or loose). […]